Facials in Newbury

Smoother clearer skin

Here at Nadia Aesthetics, you can choose from many different beauty treatments and aesthetic improvements, to give a smoother, more youthful appearance, or to help reduce the appearance of an annoying wrinkle or frown line. Whether you wish to appear more appealing, or fill out some wrinkle lines, you can drop by for treatments and facials in Newbury any time during the day from Monday to Sunday, 9am to 6pm.

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About Our Skin Treatments

Clinician using anti-wrinkle injection on client jawline

Anti-wrinkle treatments 

Whether you are looking for brow line alleviation or reduction of bunny lines, smoker lines, or laughter lines, we provide facials in Newbury for you.

Woman receiving mesotherapy treatment


This therapy uses tiny amounts of hydration, vitamins and volume directly into the skin to help it rejuvenate and repair itself.


Woman having skin boosting treatment at clinic

Skin fillers and boosters 

We offer filler treatments with quality fillers including Revolax, Redensity, Juvederm, and Stylage.

Woman having consultation for threading face lift

Thread lifts 

This procedure uses specialist threads to lift and tighten sagging skin, and produces a younger look for your skin.

We provide aesthetics in Newbury to clients across the region, giving you access to high quality skin treatments and facials in Newbury.

Come and visit out clinic at 3 Market Place in the town centre, or book an appointment here.

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Price List

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

1 Area £100
2 Areas £120
3 Areas £180
Bunny Lines £60
Brows Lift £50
Smoker Lines £100
Armpits £200



Meso Eyes £150
Meso Lifting £120
Meso Glowing £100
Meso Whitening £100
Meso Collagen £100
Meso Vitamin £100


Fillers and Skin Boosters

Revolax 1ml £130
Stylage 1ml £150
Redensity 1ml £200
Juvederm 1ml £200
Rhinoplasty £150
Microneedling £50
Facial £50
Profhilo £199
Seventy Hyal £199


Thread Lifts

Full Face Lift £1000
Foxy Eyes £350
Cheek Lift £400
Jawline £300
Neck Lift £250